List of Services available:

Preparation Process:


BDS Contracts (MH) Limited have the experience and expertise required to ensure that the client’s specifications are fully met and carried out.  High-quality surface preparation is essential to ensure coating adhesion.

All surface preparations are carried out to British Blast Standard 7079 Part A1 and associated Swedish Standards.

BDS Limited is able to provide this service which is obtained by means of the following recognised procedures/ processes:

·        Open blasting using abrasive including grit blasting, garnet and medium blasting.

·        Wet blast systems.

·        Vacuum blasting.

·        Blast track unit/ auto blasting.

·        Ultra High Water Pressure blasting.

·        Preparation by means of hand and mechanical power tools

The Coating Application Process:

BDS Contracts (MH) Limited specialise in the painting of tanks and vessels, pre-fabricated and in-situ pipe work, shipping, tank linings, etc..

All coating applications are carried out strictly to the clients' specification and requirements.


BDS Contratcs (MH) Ltd  is on the approved applicator list for all the major paint manufacturers : Leighs Paints, Hempel Paints, Sigma Coatings and  International Protective Coatings.


Coating application processes are carried out by means of:

  • Airless and Conventional Spray systems.
  • Hydro cat spray systems.
  • Brush and Roller application.

At each stage of the application process Wet Film Thickness checks are carried out to ensure that sufficient coating has been applied. On completion of the curing procedure a final Dry Film Thickness check is carried out to ensure that the required thickness has been achieved. By adopting this process we are able to ensure that the customer’s needs are met at all times.

We are capable of providing assistance to customers in regard to technical information on specifications and products.

Pressure Water Jet Cleaning:


BDS Limited is able to provide the service of Low/ High/ Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning through an associate company B&A Contracts Limited.


B & A Contracts specialise in Industrial cleaning services including by means of high pressure water jet washing systems; Tank/Vessel cleaning including product recovery by Gully sucker/ vacuum tanker units; cleaning of bundle tubes, etc.  B&A can also supply civil works such as land clearance, excavation works, concrete works etc.  We can supply testing and maintenance of air fed breathing apparatus and supply of labour and trained safety observers/fire watchers.  Mr Alan Summons, Contract Manager, is responsible for works carried out by this organisation.


Experienced and qualified operatives carry out all works associated with this process from lower pressure water washing to high pressure water jet cleaning (up to 10,000 psi) and ultra high water jet cleaning (up to 30,000 psi).

Works carried out include the jet cleaning of tank/ vessel internal and external areas, internal washing out of pipe work, cleaning up of oil/ fuel spillages, assistance in the de--commissioning of industrial areas, etc.


B&A Contracts Limited also provides the service of tube cleaning by means of mechanical lance unit this has been used extensively for the cleaning of bundle tubes at local refineries.

Preparation and application of Lining Systems:

BDS Contracts Limited is recognised as one of the leaders in the field of the surface preparation and application of specialist lining systems to tanks, vessels, etc.

 The company is the approved applicator of specialist lining system products with major manufacturers including: Hempel Paints; Sigma Coatings and International Protective Coatings.

Products used include: Glass flake systems; Hempel Anti-static; Chemco Chem-tect;

Sigma – Novaguard; Phenguard and Sigmaguard HS and International – Interline 910, 914, 925 & 944, together with CSF85 (fresh water lining) and SF 23 (potable water lining). 

Preparation process is carried out by means of either open blast or Auto blast track unit to obtain the required blast standard and good clean anchor profile.

Specialist Tank Cleaning:

BDS Limited is able to provide the service of Specialist Tank Cleaning through an associate company B&A Contracts Limited.

The company has gained vast experienced in the process of specialist tank cleaning as the result of the many similar contract works with which it has been associated.

We have the plant and machinery necessary and the technical knowledge to ensure that all such work is carried out to the client’s requirements.

We are capable of providing a total service in respect to the elements of this type of work.

  • Bowser/ Vacuum Tank units - to recover existing product to transport for disposal as required.
  • Air Fed Breathing Apparatus (if necessary) for use by all persons working on contract – The Organisation owns its own Drager manufactured masks, demand valves, cylinders and compressors.
  • De-contamination units.
  • OCTEL trained supervisors.
  • Dowser units- to move product.
  • Experienced labour – familiar with the processes and procedures.
  • High Pressure Water Jet units – to carry out internal cleaning.

Marine Works:

BDS Limited is the painting contractor for one of the leading ship repair companies based within the Milford Haven estuary. As such we have carried out work involving the preparation by means of abrasive blast cleaning and coating application to ships, pontoon barges, buoys, etc.

Work has also been carried out on jetty piles and pipe work within the estuary. Access to the piles was obtained by means of our own pontoon barge (saving the clients costs which would have been incurred for the supply of scaffolding).


We work closely with Milford Haven Dry Dock:


Advanced Cold Cutting:


BDS Ltd offer effective and safer alternative to hot cutting methods by using high pressure water jets mixed with abrasive. By using abrasive water jet cutting, it means that there is no need for degassing and the surface is left already prepared for re-welding – saving you precious time and money.

Advanced cold cutting has gained a wealth of experience on decommissioning, shutdowns, demolition and salvage projects over the past twenty five years. This along with our excellent safety record, state of art equipment and dedication to customer care, makes us leaders in our field.

Abrasive water jet cutting or hydro abrasive cutting is a proven cold cutting method with the following unique properties and distinct advantages:

  • Totally cold cut for use in hazardous environments
  • Drastically reduces the need for costly plant shutdown & preparation time for hot work
  • No heat generation maintaining material properties/structure
  • Capable of cutting virtually and material or thickness
  • Jet cut creates its own start point so does not require an edge or need to overrun
  • Cutting Head and manipulators are portable and versatile – ideal for restrictive areas
  • Cut can be completed in a single pass but with a multi pass option if required
  • Shock free cut can be used for controlled demolition
  • Good quality angled cut leaves the surface already prepared for re-welding
  • Remote operation eliminates operation exposure at cut face
  • Non contact blade i.e. no snagging or need for support
  • Environmentally friendly as uses no hazardous materials and creates no gases or dust

Pontoon Barge "Jenna's Island":

BDS Contracts Limited own a single screw catamaran multi-purpose spud leg pontoon barge vessel named the “Jenna’s Island”.

The vessel is 12.19 metres overall length with a beam of 7.35 metres. It is fitted with a hi-ab crane unit and a 40’ Genie boom self-propelled telescopic platform hoist which has been used to assist in inspections and surveys of structures within the Milford Haven estuary including jetties, piles, etc.. 

The vessel is skippered by an experienced and qualified master assisted by trained crew member.


Marine Structures including piles and jetty pipe-work

The vessel has proved its worth when used in connection with the preparation and application of protective coatings to jetty pipe work at local major petro chemical refinery and ferry companies when access to the pipe work, piles, etc. was gained by use of the telescopic hoist.

Through use of the vessel works have been completed, ahead of schedule with substantial savings in costs associated with the costs of the supply of scaffold systems.

Supply of Labour:

BDS Limited is able to provide the service of Labour Supply through an associate company B&A Contracts Limited.

The company has over the years been able to provide labour to assist in contracts and has trained a number of persons as Safety Observers/ Fire Watchers for employment particularly during periods of “shut down” works at local refineries.

Among the times when labour has been provided are:

·        In 1998 following the “Sea Empress” oil spillage within the Milford Have Estuary we were able to supply, at very short notice, personnel to assist in the major clean up that followed the incident.

·        In 2003 we were involved in the major de-commissioning of the Lott’s Road Power Station in Chelsea, London, where we provided plant and specialist labour required to carry out the thorough cleaning of vessels and pipe work before the power station was demolished for property development.

·        April/ May 2005 during the T & I Shut Down at the Total UK Refinery, Milford Haven, the Organisation was awarded the contract for the supply of personnel to carry out duties as Safety Observers/ Fire Watchers and cleaners.

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